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The 18 Steps to Retreat Success

Take Others On A Journey That Can Change A Life

This is an online purchase that can be used with or without the 1:1 consult option. By choosing this you will be able to work through the 18 modules at your own pace and will have 


Option 1

Eighteen Steps to Retreat Success. This online training program takes you through the 18 steps to understand your retreat, it covers:

  • The Why, When, Where and How of Retreats

  • Your story and how you can effortlessly talk about the Retreat so its story is intertwined with yours

  • Your audience and where will you find them

  • Your Retreat Name and Promises

  • The importance of being organised and having everything in place to start and make it easy

  • Budgeting and making money and support costing everything

  • Itineraries

  • Marketing and Launching

  • Risk Management

  • Booking Everything - Internet vs Travel agents

  • Working with Co-facilitators

  • Legalities

  • Insurance

  • Guest Speakers

  • Welcome Packs

  • Booking People Into the Retreat

  • Systems

  • What to do on the Retreat - how to manage personalities, conflicts, meltdowns, people having to much fun (is that really a thing) and manage it all so you are not running on empty

  • How to keep track of everything while you are on the Retreat

  • What to do when you get home

  • A copy of The Retreat Specialist manual and a comprehensive workbook that goes alongside your learning.


Each module has - a video, connection to a workbook and a PDF printable sheet - so, what ever  your learning method is we have it covered. You also get a BONUS copy of The Retreat Specialists 18 Steps to Retreat Success Manual

After payment is received you will be emailed with some web page links and passwords that take you directly to each module. 


Cost:  $497 AUD



Option 2

In option two you get all of the above plus 3 hours consult time with Liesel that can be split to how you need it. 

Cost: $747 AUD

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