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Your 2022 Planning Challenge is here!

Over TWO weeks we will be deep diving into what you have floating around that needs to become a reality. It doesn't matter if they are small or huge goals they are all completely excitable and need to be out there and this is where we come in.

Let's plan together so that we can support each other and watch each other's businesses grow and flourish. 

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New Here? Learn more below

Who is Liesel Albrecht?

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Vietnam Retreat


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UGWA 2020

International Speakers

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Retreat Guest Jodi


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Some of our

amazing facilitators

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I love my life, and like many of you the path to get here has not always been paved with gold.  There was a time I didn't know how I was going to feed my kids and keep the bills paid, but this has just made me stronger. Through all of this, my belief in me was strong and I knew there was light at the end of a sometimes dark journey.


It has made me passionate about women walking the path of their destiny. This is because for such a long time I was lost - lost in a place that made me feel like Alice in Wonderland. I didn't know what path I was taking and I couldn't see any way out. 


My story is similar to others out there - a sad marriage, dodgy relationships, a tsunami (ok not so typical), and an almost tragic accident showed me that life was too short to be trapped, that I had to make the decision to find who I was again. This meant 4 aha moments and a life-changing journey or two - Vietnam Rainbows, The Grand Canal, Istanbul, and The Trevi Fountain. Moments and places that changed my life. It started when I watched Eat, Pray, Love which lead to a solitary adventure with my two sons in Asia for three months, many said I was brave or crazy, but while I was there I found me again. 


Which was when my life changed. 

I remembered the girl that was inside of me, the girl who was full of love, wonder and yearning, and the one whose goals included travel. I started the journey to the new me - I had a new inner peace, found the love of a man (when I wasn't even looking) who loved me without conditions, and I could finally be the mother I knew I was. 


I knew I was whole. I knew I was at peace. It was then that I could make a decision to take a leap of faith, one that had me leaving the only career I had ever known because I wanted others to see the beauty within them, to travel the path that made them feel whole and connected and at peace. 


So a yearning to run retreats on a bigger scale and show others how to as well was born - my 22 plus years of experience in running summits, conference and leadership retreats mixed with my passion for travel and taking others away on amazing holidays evolved into The Retreat Specialists. 


I love that I get to do the thing I am meant to be here to do. Through Retreats, I get to support women to walk the path of their destiny. To step them from the ordinary to the extraordinary where, just for a moment, they get to totally reconnect with who they are and who they want to be and once that connection is made the ripple effects are long-lasting. I am a woman of conviction, passion, and knowledge. I am Liesel Albrecht - The Retreat Specialist and this was whom I was born to be.

Sound of Music Tour

Europe Retreat



Once you decide to run a retreat there is a lot to be done - deciding why you want to run it, how your story fits into your retreat, where you want to go, what you are offering, the budget, the perfect copy to speak to your ideal client, and not to mention the marketing.


The marketing (I can hear that groan from here) - for some this is the most stressful part because they don't know where to start, and for others the easiest as they have laid the groundwork in their business. When you lay this in the right way your retreats will fill with less stress and much more ease and grace.

We also cover areas like how to deal with difficult guests, legalities and emergencies and keeping your sanity when on location.


Like we said so much to think about...but when you know the right formula it is as easy as 1...2...3......

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We have been there, done it, survived, learned from our mistakes - and made some money for our hard work. We know the hacks and the tricks to fill your retreat easily and with much less stress and overwhelm.


Most of all we understand retreats. When you message us in a cold sweat because of some retreat disaster we can guide you through the porcess.


We understand how they should be run and what is needed to make them a success.

There are so many amazing coaches and businesses out there so look around but make sure you ask them what retreats they have run if that is what you are wanting support with. With us, you don't need to ask those questions about what we do well as we have a proven track record of supporting people to turn their thoughts into reality.


If you downloaded the free retreat checklist you can see we can support you in every aspect of your organising, planning and when you come home - marketing, copy, website, logistics, itineraries and so much more.

Think of us as a one-stop-shop for retreats.

What we do



We work with you to develop a comprehensive retreat plan or for just a 1:1 consult - the choice is yours.

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Working Mom


Pre purchase the whole Retreat Specialist Kit and work through at your own pace.

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Online Teacher


Join us for resort tours around the world as well as 5 and 3-day retreat masterclasses.


Join our online, interactive monthly school membership program designed just for you.






retreat tours

there are

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Work at your own pace and still get all the bells and whistles

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Work alongside us every step of the way

Let's meet in person

or online

What to Expect

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Because we love you and want to see your dream grow expect to be a little spoilt during your journey with us.

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Be ready to be treated like the super star you are - you are the absolute expert and people are paying to spend time with you

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That's Elizabeth Gilbert!!

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We want our expertise and knowledge to benifit you so that your retreat is everything you want it to be.


We want your retreats to fill with ease and grace and make a profit

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Red Striped Star
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Red Striped Star

Liesel is an expert and I highly recommend the Retreats she organises with such precision. I can't wait to see you again.


Geelong, Victoria


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What Others Say

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When it comes to retreats I’ve never met anyone with the knowledge and wisdom of Liesel Albrecht. She really is the #RetreatQueen! I have successfully led my own business retreats by implementing some of what Liesel taught me.




I am so grateful for Liesel and her guidance, even though I thought I knew all I needed to know about travel and retreats. A true gem.
Melbourne, Victoria

Red Striped Star

I love all the Liesel creates. Her retreats, her courses are all amazing. The upcoming retreat The Ultimate Girls Week Away is going to be life-changing. I can't wait

Los Angeles, California

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