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Masterclass - Torquay, Victoria

August 24th-26th, 2018

Take Others On A Journey That Can Change A Life


Three days to explore your Retreat and walk away with a plan specific to your business


What if you could walk away from this 3-day Masterclass with the skills to run retreats, make a profit, and have an upsell that could potentially have you make

a 6 figure profit - then have 2 x 90 minute follow up calls with Liesel?



All without cold calling or feeling like you are hustling to fill places.


How awesome would that feel?


This 3 day program has been run in Australia, USA, and the UK and will be hosted

by The Summer House in Torquay, Victoria for the very first time


Our International Retreat Masterclass is broken down into 18 Steps that will see your


Retreats organized



Filled to capacity



Unbelievable profit made



How would it be if you got your Retreat right the first time?


Where you make the profit you deserve and feel like you have marketed like the expert

that you are.


I have been running Retreats, Summits, Journey's and Tours for over 26 years and I have seen great retreats and really, really bad ones. The great ones have been well planned, strategically marketed and targeted at the ideal client. 


I work to a feminine business model so there is no loud, fake sales pitches from me - what you see is what you get and I will give you my all - there is no holding back of knowledge in the hope of an upsell I want you to walk away from this training knowing exactly what you are doing.


I am the number one Retreat Specialist in Australia and have consulted to experts in Australia, the USA, the Arab Emirates, South Africa, the UK and Europe. They are all knowledgeable in their fields and want to know how to market and fill their retreats with ease.

I have run Retreat Masterclasses in Australia, United Kingdom, Graz and USA



Our Retreat Training covers everything you need to know over 5 indulgent days - from the time that you first think of running a retreat right through to when you arrive home - and everything in between.


The 18 Steps to Retreat Success

Day One & Two


  • The Why, When, Where and How of Retreats

  • Your Story and how you can effortlessly talk about the Retreat so its story is intertwined with yours.

  • Your Ideal Client and where will you find them, and how to speak their language in your marketing.

  • Your Retreat Name and Promises and how to make them Creme Brulee rather than lumpy custard.

  • The importance of being organized and having everything in place to start and make it easy.

  • Budgeting so that you make sure you make the profit you desire and so you cover everything you need to.

  • Itineraries and how to plan these so they are balanced.

  • Differences between group and individual retreats and how to plan both.

  • Introducing Marketing and Launching and how to plan so you are prepared and get your numbers.

  • How to design a website that includes everything you need to.

  • Risk Management and what this means in a retreat setting.

  • Booking Everything - Internet vs Travel agents and how to do this without outlaying thousands and following the laws ofyour state/country

  • Working with Co-facilitators how to do this with the least amount of stress.

  • Legalities and taxes how to cover yourself in every circumstance.

  • Insurance what this needs to cover so you are covered.

  • Welcome Packs......ohhh presents!

  • Booking People Into the Retreat and having a System that works.

  • What to do on the Retreat - how to manage personalities, conflicts, meltdowns, people having too much fun (is that really a thing) and manage it all so you are not running on empty.

  • How to hold space so that your clients grow in a safe place and do get to have those transformational moments.

  • How to keep track of everything while you are on the Retreat.

  • Holding space (even if you don't like your attendees), or what if you have your bestie along with you and what this means in a group.

  • How to manage situations that arise within the retreat with both attendees and co-facilitators, think you know what these will be well you haven't heard anything yet!

  • What to do with demands and cancellations and how to adhere to your cancellation policy,

  • How to deal with trauma and the basics of counselling

  • How to balance your needs at the retreat so that you don't flake it by day 2  and so much more!

  • What to do when you get home....and everything else in between.



Day Three


In the morning it is  all about the marketing of your retreat - working on the website, developing the right wording and planning a detailed marketing pyramid - one that works towards results and examines every avenue that you have and can develop to produce results that you want from your retreat. Then in the afternoon, before you head home we will have a couple of hours to work on your own marketing plan.






  • The Retreat Specialist Manual and Workbook

  • The Retreat Specialist Documents Package (Registration form, terms and conditions, legal documents, attendance agreement, and our accident report form)





  • Pre Training - 1:1 call with Liesel to discuss your Retreat

  • Post Training  - 2. 1:1  call with Liesel to make sure everything is in place for you retreat




  • Lunch, morning and afternoon tea 


All of this combined are the tools you need to make your retreat a success and potentially be making 6 figure profits per retreat




Option One

We have 6 places for you to come and stay in the beautiful Summer House

This includes - the Masterclass, accommodation, breakfast and lunches

$1499 (which is, of course, a tax deduction for your business).

6 places only in a twin share room


Option Two

Live nearby and don't want to stay? Then join us just for the three days.

Included is the Masterclass, lunch and snacks

4 places only at just $997






All of Those Other Questions


I am travelling to attend this training where will I stay?

We can book you into The Summer House, or if you would prefer to not share a room can recommend elsewhere. We can also arrange to pick you up from the train station and drop off after the training.


Who is this training for

This Masterclass is for you if you are you a business owner, entrepreneur, social player or wellness guru?

It does not matter if you have run retreats and now you want to step them up to the next level? Or you are starting at the very beginning. Some of you have run retreats and they have not gone to plan - that is completely ok and I look forward to working through this process with you.


I have food requests

You name it and we have probably catered for it - allergies, preferences and intolerances - just tell us and we will be on it! We may ask you though to bring some of your own milk if you have a different preference.


If something is not answered here then please get in touch!




Click on one of the Booking Enquiry Links and get in touch.

Payments will be made by Banking Transfer.





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