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Take Others On A Journey That Can Change A Life

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Take Others On A Journey That Can Change A Life

Your ability to herd cats in a marketplace is outstanding and our retreat would have been nowhere near as successful had we not used your services. Holding space is one of your finest attributes which means that everyone feels heard and understood no matter if it is a conversation in the back of the bus, at dinner or during a workshop.


Sue Hadder

Recover Inc.

July, 2016


We know that your role in your company is a busy one and often the details of a staff retreat can be lost in the pile of work that you already have on your list and so that is where we step in.  Here at  The Retreat Specialists, we pride ourselves on an encompassing service from your first interaction with us to your last.


With over 28 years experience in Retreats, Conferences, Training's and Summits we can design a program to suit your companies goals and expectations and of course, budget. Our reputation speaks for itself and referrals generally come from word of mouth and satisfied clients.

By taking your executive team away from its ordinary work setting you can create an environment that emphasizes teamwork, personal and professional development and can have the potential to be a game changer for a company. It also continues to be a perfect setting as a reward for hard-working executives that often give up personal and family time to meet deadlines and outcomes.


We design an itinerary/program to suit your outcomes and can include:

●  Pre Retreat Information for Executives (ie what to expect on arrival, what to bring, any visa or
    medical requirements)
●  We liaise with you so as to have a clear list of outcomes and achievements required from the
●  We can provide support with all travel arrangements through reputable agents of travel if
●  We organize all airport transfers in a private vehicle and meet teams at airports when practical
●  We provide smooth check into hotels and retreat facilities, we choose only 4 and 5 star
●  All meals are planned at reputable restaurants
●  Workshops are designed specifically for your companies outcomes and can vary from team
    building, professional and personal development or whatever it is that you need. When we
    know what your goals are for your Retreat we can call on our extensive team of professionals
    to fulfill relevant roles so that you can walk away confident that the outcomes have been met
●  We can provide morning routines such as yoga and meditation if required
●  We have contacts with local guides so can organise day trips that are both informative about
    local culture and history and will provide a connection to local community members. We base
    as much of an itinerary on the ethics of conscious travel - this means money is injected back
    into the community and they benefit from tourism to become more sustainable
●  The Retreat Specialists provides Welcome and Information gifts to all executives
●  Services can be provided at local and reputable spas for relaxation and downtime
●  Throughout the program, we can provide 1:1 Professional and Personal coaching sessions to
     each executive so that they walk away with clear goals for their future


As you can see the service that we provide is comprehensive and encompassing and is designed
to suit your needs.

All costs are based on your companies needs and the level of team support required when on
Retreat.  Along with this, any pre-planning hours are included in the final costings.
Here at The Retreat Specialists facilitators work on a fee per person plus airfares and expenses.
An overall budget will be designed and there will be a clear cost per person and for the group in
On completion of the Retreat Plan (budget, itinerary etc) a contract will be signed between the
company and The Retreat Specialists which will clearly outline dates for payments, method of payments, currency and amounts. All dates must be adhered to so that accommodation and reservations can be secured.
It is an expectation that all executives attending the Retreat will have comprehensive Travel
Insurance and have purchased this independently of The Retreat Specialists quotes.
On completion of the Retreat, we will conduct a debrief session to ensure needs are met and goals
These terms and conditions will be further explored during discussions in relation to the retreat.



We look forward to allowing you the space to develop the RETREAT you need for your company.


Email us at or call Liesel on +61 (0) 488 44 162

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