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The Retreat Specialists

A Journey That Can Change A Life

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For those of you that don't know me my name is Liesel Albrecht and I believe that Retreat Organisers are the change-makers of our world, we are the leaders willing to take a chance and make a difference, we do it in small ways so that ripple effect trickles out into the wider world.
We are the ones willing to take a stand and unite those who are drawn to what we teach so that we, and they can stand taller and stronger and do what's right.
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Retreats are about beauty, a beauty that comes from within the heart.
They are about a deep connection to yourself, to others and the world.
They are about learning, communication, and culture.
They change lives in mysterious and often unseen ways - they allow you to dream of the possible and learn ways to take that dream home and meld it into the everyday.
They are the seeker of truth because when on a Retreat it has a way of finding you.
Retreats change lives - they just do!
Whether you sign up for a life-changing journey or want to run one yourself they alter the way you look at the world. 
This is because they take you from your ordinary into an extraordinary world - one where you can dare to dream, learn, laugh and connect.
One that takes you away and sends you home different.
Retreats are for the brave and if this is you then come on in and feel the magic.

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Learn a little more about me....

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I am passionate about women walking the path of their destiny.
This is because for such a long time I was lost - lost in a place that made me feel like Alice in Wonderland.
I didn't know what path I was taking and I couldn't see any way out.
A sad marriage, then dodgy relationships, a tsunami and an almost tragic accident showed me that life was too short to be trapped, that I had to make the decision to find who I was again.
This meant 4 aha moments and a life-changing journey or two - 
Vietnam Rainbows, The Grand Canal, Istanbul and The Trevi Fountain
Moments and places that changed my life.
 A solitary adventure with my two sons in Asia for three months, many said I was brave or crazy,
but while I was there I found me again.
And then my life changed.
I remembered the girl that was inside of me, the girl who was full of love, wonder and yearning, and the one whose goals included travel. And so I started the journey to the new me - I had a new inner peace, the love of a man who loved me without conditions, and I could finally be the mother I knew I was.
I knew I was whole.
I knew I was at peace.
It was then that I could make a decision to take a leap of faith, one that had me leaving the only career I had ever known because I wanted others to see the beauty within them, to travel the path that made them feel whole and connected and at peace.
So a yearning to run retreats on a bigger scale and show others how to as well was born - my 22 plus years of experience in running summits, conference and leadership retreats mixed with my passion for travel and taking others away on amazing holidays evolved into The Retreat Specialists.
I love that I get to do the thing I am meant to be here to do. Through Retreats, I get to support women to walk the path of their destiny. To step them from the ordinary to the extraordinary where, just for a moment, they get to totally reconnect with who they are and who they want to be and once that connection is made the ripple effects are long-lasting.
I am a woman of conviction, passion, and knowledge.
I am Liesel Albrecht - The Retreat Specialist and this was who I was born to be.
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