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Retreat Manuals

Take Others On A Journey That Can Change A Life

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You might want a little or a lot!

The Retreat GO TO Guide

This Retreat GO TO Guide is a one of a kind guide, its the basic starter to dip your toe in the water. It recognises that everyone has unique offerings to give and this is a perfect way to introduce you into the world of Retreats.
You might be a long time practitioner or entrepreneur and well established
in your business or fairly new on the scene -
which ever way Retreats give
an extraordinary experience that intensifies learning and knowledge of not
only the teachings but also can provide a deep connection to self.

Retreats come in many shapes and forms and can be anything from craft, to
food, to business planning,
toself development, health, fitness - the list is

This Go TO Guide covers the basics to get the ball rolling and start creating magic.
Basics that you might not have thought about like:
The Importance of the Why, When and Where
How to Determine Your Ideal Client
Your Retreat Name and Promises
Budgeting and Making Money
Risk Management
Booking Everything - Internet vs Travel Agents
Working with Co-facilitators
Legalities and Insurance
Systems for Retreat Planning
By purchasing this Go To you are setting the foundations for a well organised, profitable and transformational Retreat for a  fabulous investment of just $47 AUD
If you know that this is what you need then follow the link below to start your planning today.
Cost: $47

The Retreat Specialist Manual

This is the full 18 Steps to Retreat Success and covers everything from start to finish.


I wish that there had been a manual like this when I started planning Retreats.

 But that was over 20 years ago and you could not even really Google the things you needed It was because of this that I decided that everyone can use a little bit of guidance at the beginning - a bit like a road map to Retreats. 


It covers everything in detail from the very first thought you have in your head right through all the logistics: The Why, When, Where and How of Retreats

Your story and how you can effortlessly talk about the Retreat so its story is intertwined with yours

Your audience and where will you find them

Your Retreat Name and Promises

The importance of being organised and having everything in place to start and make it easy

Budgeting and making money and support costing everything


Marketing and Launching

Risk Management

Booking Everything - Internet vs Travel agents

Working with Co-facilitators and how to negotiate this right from the beginning

Legalities  and Insurance what you need to cover yourself

Welcome Packs

Booking people Into the Retreat and how to do this with ease so you record cash flows

Systems having everything automated so you don't have to do anything when people start booking in

What to do on the Retreat - how to manage personalities, conflicts, meltdowns, people having to much fun (is that really a thing) and manage it all so you are not running on empty

How to keep track of everything while you are on the Retreat

What to do when you get home....and everything else in between.


Along with the purchase of this Manual you will receive some awesome added extras -

Six months casual support to organise your retreat,  

Be added to our retreat newsletter list,  first notice & priority for any webinar's and online training we have & a fabulous 20% off The Retreat Specialist Training. 

Extra PDF's and worksheets to guide you on your way

Cost:  $97

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