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How to describe a Retreat.......

How can I describe to you the feelings on a retreat, how can I tell you about the transformations that occur in the first moments and days of an experience that has no words, where lifetime thoughts and scripts can change. Where pain tuns to love and the old is left behind, where feelings of jealousy, not being heard, not being seen and not being enough fade away. Where you are one again with the earth and with life. And a place where you are enough.

You cannot know if you don't know, if you haven't felt and haven't know about such a thing. Reading the words on an email wont make sense if you have not experienced this yourself. When you are with a group that changes you, when you have someone holding space so that it is safe to be vulnerable and expose your inner most thoughts of power and love.

This is all that I am feeling right now as I sit on sacred ground of the Hawaiian Islands and in a Hindu temple that has been built from love and understanding. I am writing this now after journaling pages and pages of words that have come from my thoughts and my own changes on this journey that I lead. So many words and thoughts flow and how I want to tell you all that you can experience this you can be part of a group or you can be the vessel that creates this. 

I always say Retreats change lives - they just do and they do. I have seen it and do see it every time. I see faces change and thoughts grow and people feel love that they had forgotten. That purity and divine that is us.

I love that this is the thing I am meant to be here to do, the purpose that I serve and the space that I hold.

I love that as a social worker I learnt many lessons of people and how we operate and how life can roadblock us so we become hidden. I love that my life took me on an unseen journey that caused me pain and stress has now taken me to a place of love and gratitude, a place where I can guide others and step into my true being and self. I love that I get to show others the ways to hold their own space in retreats and do it right the first time. I love watching them blossom and that I hold that space for them alone in that moment and I love watching the ripple effects of what they do. At that time we are all one because we hold purity and love at our source.

Retreats are intricate pieces of magic that take you away from the ordinary into an extraordinary place and allow you to focus on exactly what you need to, they hold space and grace to do what you are here to do. To take others on a journey of grace. If you role in this lifetime is to take women on a business journey so they can be fulfilled and step into their glory, or your role is to take them on a connection to their innermost thoughts it is all enough. You are enough, we are enough, they are enough.

I am grateful every day for this life I have created, I was in a deep hole of despair and I carried my own and everyone else's trauma around on my shoulders, this is cliche but I did. I allowed it to manifest into unhappiness and stresses and issues in my body. I now know this was killing me, it was sucking out my soul and I would have give into the darkness, eventually. But I was given a candle of light and an idea that has grown and manifesting into exactly how it should be. 

I want to know your stories, you experiences that changed you, how your eyes where opened and it was all new. How on a retreat or journey it all changed in an instance, please share this with me so I can share love and light to others. 

I want to share this so others understand just a little more and consider this journey for themselves.

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