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Spinning Plates

Updated: Apr 9, 2018


I have not written a blog post for ages - since the start of August - so much has happened - I had 5 weeks away in Europe running a sensational tour with some amazing women, watching them discover the Grandeur of Europe for the first time took my breath away - but I want to write about something a bit different today.

I want to write about how to balance everything - how to be a business owner, a mother, partner, daughter and friend. How balancing the lot is great one moment and crap the next.

Imagine a picture of a lady spinning plates - that is what I feel like right now - so much happening, not enough hands or enough time. Someone is always upset with me because I have not done something right in their books - I have forgotten to buy bread, or remember something I have been told (apparently 5 times) or I have purely not folded the socks for them to find. That is home life and then I step into my business where people understand - because they are there as well spinning similar plates all at the same time. I left social work because it was making me mental - I would have ended up on prescription drugs just to get me through the day and I didn't want that - that would not have been fair on anyone especially myself.

Now everyone has an opinion and that I am on holiday all the time - especially when I am on a Retreat - which by the way I am at work and not just drinking cocktails in the pool.

I wanted to do one of those cartoons with the six pictures of what I do compared to what others think I do, but I have not had the time.

1. My mum who lives with us thinks I am on Facebook all day (which I am but half the time I don't post anything personal as I am to busy working).

2. My friends think I drink cocktails all day when on Retreats.

3. My kids, well they don't care as long as I can drive them to where they need to be and bring them back presents. And give them money when ever they want it.

4. Attendees are just grateful that they have the most amazing experience and it feel seamless to them

5. My partner thinks I spend all the profit on shopping (not quite!)

6. This is what I really do each day - I spend a couple of hours or more on Facebook marketing and posting on countless business groups, the reality of the business world now is this is where my clients are.

I spend hours pouring over the details of a Retreat, working and reworking until it is perfect.I spend hours finding the perfect location and accommodation,

I make sure that I have the perfect gifts in the Welcome bags so you love them. Often choosing things specifically just for you.

I plan the payment plans just to suit you, so you are not stretched and feel ok about coming.

I spend hours each week answering people's questions both potential and booked participants - like will my hair straightener work or will I have to do anything I don't want to when we are away - yes it will and no you won't.

My luggage is often overweight because of all I have to bring.

All this makes it worthwhile when we arrive and the MAGIC begins. I see lives change in an instant, and all the stress of planning before they go so that their families and lives are managed melts away. I see those AHA moments and the experience of a deep connection with another person change their life.I see everlasting friendships that stay long after their return.I see women excited about their lives and what is in store.I even love that feeling of herding a group of cats in a market place - women scattered everywhere.

It is within this plate spinning somewhere the moments when there is calm in both of my intertwining worlds and I sigh a sigh of relief until the next hurricane arrives.

Liesel xx

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