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The Blog That Changed A Life

What if you where to write that blog that changed your life, the one that goes around the world and touches people like nothing has before - what would it feel like?

What would it say and how would it make others feel, but most of all how would it make you feel?

What was that moment that changed your life they would be asked and they would say reading a blog awhile back. It talked about three things that where close to the writers heart - the first was love, the second was passion and the third was transformation. Oh another blog like that we have read many their friends would say. But this one was different they would reply to them as it touched you deep inside like hands reaching in and gently massaging your heart and the true essence of who you are.

Love, passion and transformation how can they matter so much and what is it about them that makes our heart cry out for more. The love that you feel deep inside when you connect with someone, see someone that you adore, or be next to that person that fills you up - they could be a lover, a child, a parent a friend. It doesn't really matter who they are but it is something about them that has captured a part of your soul that is dedicated to love. Who is that person for you? Think about it, delve inside who is that person that if they where not here that part of your heart has been ripped out. For me it was and is Kathy, the day she told me she had found a lump in her breast and was going to get it investigated I knew straight away that she was the friend that I would loose, the friend that would take a part of my heart with her when her time here was done, and she did. I remember that day, the minute and the second that I had a missed call and I knew then. I didn't want to call back because I knew already. That was the moment when I knew what love was and that this is what it felt like when the person was no longer with you. That love from a friend that is your other half - that is the one in that sense. I do of course have other friends and there is one in particular that takes some of this ache away. Do you have that love?

I luckily also have the love of a really good man, I know these are few and far between but I know this one is good to the core of his being. I feel truly blessed to have him in my life and I miss him when I am away. I miss the way he grounds me and supports me in what I do, it is because of him I am living my passion. I was dying inside, working in the only career I had ever known taking on others trauma, sinking into a deep hole where I was treading water that was black, deep and the current was strong, I would have floated longer before I sank but it was getting harder and harder to breath and my arms and legs and lungs where struggling so when I began crying out with devastation, my man took my heart and my hand and told me to live my passion.

What was it? What is yours? Do you know?

I didn't but then it came to me, my passion was and is to see women fly, to watch them spread their wings and leap and look at life in a whole other way. For me this is by stepping form the ordinary into the extraordinary and that it means something. It means delving inside and reconnecting with your essence that can be taken away by our busy lives. It means being away from my family and those I love, which despite popular opinion I don't actually love when I am not with them. But I know this is my path and my destiny, without it I would be dead inside. Those moments of watching women sadness and trauma float away and they reemerge stronger, more passionate and the women they are meant to be is what drives me and lights me up inside. Watching them see, hear or feel something for the first time is my purpose it is truly what I am born to do.

If you could truly voice what your passion is, what would it be, how would it feel and how would it change your life?

For me this is the essence of transformation. That moment where everything stops and life will never be the same. For me that moment came in an experience of a day in Mexico with 4 other amazing women - that day, was that day that things shifted and changed everything for me, it was the day that drew the ancient Mayan goddesses drew me in close. It was the day that changed the colors of the world for me. It started with a swim, we swam in ancient waters where sacrifices had been made to appease the spirits of the afterlife and the Gods. Water that allowed the facing of fear and engulfed our bodies and drew us close. Then the earth called to us at the ancient temple of Chichen Itza where the energy pulsated through our bodies like an electric current that shocks a heart back into life. Imagine if you get an electric shock or touch an electric fence and it pulsates through your body, that was what it was like except it didn't hurt it felt amazing. An experience that cannot be explained it is only if you have been there and experienced similar that you will truly understand. Transformation meant that everything looked and felt different. I had changed and what I saw was different the colours where brighter and my thoughts clearer and my love for people meant more and my passion was further ignited.

For me this is the trinity. The trinity of love, passion and transformation they are all in one. They are connected by life and the universe, by Mother Gia, the Gods and Goddesses of the past and the feminine spirit of the earth.

The trinity is us, it is our bodies, our souls and our essence. Without these we are nothing we cannot survive on oneness alone. There are times we need to delve within but there are times when we must connect with those and everything around us. We cannot have one without the other. As I write this I hear the ancient call to prayer in a country and land older than time and I know I am different because of what I know and what I share.

Liesel xx

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