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What Is My Connection

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

December, 2016

It is 10.31pm and I write this after watching First Contact - A 3 part TV show where 6 well known Australians when into Indigenous Communities over 28 days. they learnt alot and I learnt alot just by watching. One of them in particular I was disgusted at his attitude and views throughout the show. A connection to mother earth is something I never understood until April when I was in Mexico and I stood on the grounds of the Myan's. The land buzzed through my body like an electric pulse. As I watched the TV tonight there were places that I saw that I know I have been, that connection is there. It was like a sleeping memory in my spirit. (Yep I know some of you will stop reading here - what's all this woowoo stuff she's on about?).

I grew up in white, middle class, Melbourne - my friends where white, English heritage, Greek or Italian - I did know two Indigenous children - but they were adopted by my parents friends - I do not know their stories or their ancestors histories, I wish I did. I knew one guy at college who was doing our Youth Work, but to me he was no different, he was just part of the class. I have never seen a difference in cultures between anyone, if I like you I like you no matter who you are or where you have come from then that is the bottom line for me. I even love some stereotypic loud Americans!

In 1992 I was in Europe back packing when my parents sold the only home I knew and moved to Nowa Nowa a community of 100 and close to Bung Yarnda - an Indigenous Community about 15 minutes away. I worked there as a brand new youth worker - first real job, I was 21 and I was given the job as Juvenile Justice worker (swear alert) what the fuck - I had no clue - remember that my knowledge was little and my world was small. There was not a day that went by that I did not learn something and I met amazing elders, community members, families, parents and children - all with a lesson for me -maybe I didn't understand it then but I do now. But I have to say (sorry Nowa Nowians) this town was a shit hole at the end of the earth for me, I had no close friends, I had no connections and I had no idea where my life was going. I saw my parents being ripped off by customers and probably staff for being generous and trusting in their support. After 10 years they were not so generous and they are tainted by some of their experiences. This was a town that taught me the art of gossip - being in the General Store we often knew stuff before anyone else - sometimes this was fun, sometimes this was not. Don't get me wrong I met some beautiful people there - as a result of that I have two amazing children, and some beautiful adults that still call me Aunty, and some memories that stir in my mind occasionally.

But now I have digressed. What is my connection??

I want to talk about...actually I have no idea I am just writing the words as they come out. I feel about like I am seeing the earth of Australia differently these past months, I feel like I need to explore these thoughts and this land to find these connections, to flow, and grow, and breathe in the earths essence. To fill that every growing part of me that knows things, that knows the answers and the healing that needs to happen for people - not just for Indigenous cultures or white nations but for everyone, there is so much hate and sadness in the world and when it comes down to it we are all humans, with blood in our veins, hearts that beat, brains that function and energies that pulsate around us. I want to learn and my heart is open.

Liesel x

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