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Super Sweet Package Deal

Take Others On A Journey That Can Change A Life

Time to get serious about your retreat and stop fumbling in the dark. Let's get those ideas out of your head and into reality so you can start taking your people on a journey that can change their lives.



I want to share a shout out hug!.. for Liesel Albrecht today. Last year your help and support with how to advertise and write my retreats for my website were so spot on.

By February one is sold out and my July as of today has one space left.

Your care and generosity is heartfelt and I love that you work with the feminine business model.

You are not pushy, competitive or full of ego. A rare find in this day and age of business coaches and mentors.

So my travel bliss post is about YOU!... Liesel. Thank you for helping me navigate a new arm to my work and business

and holding my hand when I was in total overwhelm. It's all still a work in progress but you made it joyful instead of a nightmare. 

Jenni Mears - Fembodiment - Australia




This IS what WE have INCLUDED for YOU


  • 5 hours of our support, spread over as long as you need 

  • A copy of The Retreat Specialist Manual

  • Our Paperwork Bundle which is all the legal work and the forms for your retreat

  • A Website Analysis and time spent on this if needed

  • Delving into your Ideal Client - what they need and the language they speak

  • Lots and lots of marketing discussion


In the Manual You Get

Eighteen Steps to Retreat Success. This online training program takes you through the 18 steps to understand your retreat, it covers:

  • The Why, When, Where and How of Retreats

  • Your story and how you can effortlessly talk about the Retreat so its story is intertwined with yours

  • Your audience and where will you find them

  • Your Retreat Name and Promises

  • The importance of being organised and having everything in place to start and make it easy

  • Budgeting and making money and support costing everything

  • Itineraries

  • Marketing and Launching (yes we know this one is huge)

  • Risk Management

  • Booking Everything - Internet vs Travel agents

  • Working with Co-facilitators

  • Legalities

  • Insurance

  • Guest Speakers

  • Welcome Packs

  • Booking People Into the Retreat

  • Systems

  • What to do on the Retreat - how to manage personalities, conflicts, meltdowns, people having to much fun (is that really a thing) and manage it all so you are not running on empty

  • How to keep track of everything while you are on the Retreat

  • What to do when you get home

  • A copy of The Retreat Specialist manual and a comprehensive workbook that goes alongside your learning.


Our Retreat Paperwork Bundle includes:

  • Legalities Paperwork

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Cancellation Policies

  • Registration Forms

  • Incident Reporting Forms


A Website Retreat Analysis

  • Let us check out your website, get in front of your ideal client and get some feedback so you can do any tweaks that you need to


Your Ideal Client

  • Who is your Ideal Client and what do they need, an in-depth look at this and then how do you hook them in to sign up?


This Super Sweet Retreat Package has been designed with you in mind I work to a feminine business model and teach you the tricks without cold calling and hustling and the SUPER SWEET Price is just $499 cheap.


Sign up by clicking on the tab and sending me an email and we will chat to see if this is right for you


I can not wait to see your Journey UNFOLD









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