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The Next Step

Take Others On A Journey That Can Change A Life

The Next Step in Retreat Planning

June to August, 2018


Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, social player, fitness or wellness guru?


Have you run retreats and now you want to step them up to the next level?


Or you want to start at the next level and have a great social and ‘real life’ following and group of clients.


Then this spectacular brand new THE NEXT STEP RETREAT TRAINING is perfect for you.



Would You Like To:


Feel in control of your Retreats?


Have a developed marketing strategy so

your Retreat is filled to capacity?



 Make the profit that you deserve? 



Do you tick these boxes?


You already know what you want to do for your retreat

(or at least have some awesome ideas)


You have a following and client base


You have a passion to share what you know with others

in a group setting





Then I can tell you that you are in the right place and the right time.

This has appeared for you at totally the time it’s needed to. 


On the 1st of June we start our exclusive, once a year, 3-month group program PLUS an added three months support which will take the retreats in your business to that next level.


You know the basics (and if you don’t, you get our already well used and tested online program the 18 Steps to Retreat Success and The Retreat Specialist Manual) BUT now it is time to ramp it up and give your people more, so that your retreats fill with ease and have a waiting list, your profit is exceptional

and you walk away knowing that you’ve delivered exactly what you’ve promised and within that

lives have been changed.


20 places only on The Next Step Program


If you don't really know who I am then let me tell you, I have been running Retreats, Summits, Journey's and Tours for over 20 years and I have seen great retreats and really, really bad ones. The great ones have been well planned, strategically marketed and targeted at the ideal client. 


I am the number one Retreat Specialist in Australia and have consulted to experts in Australia, the USA, the Arab Emirates, South Africa, Asia and Europe. They are all knowledgeable in their fields and want to know how to market and fill their retreats with ease.

Retreats are not just about Yoga, or clean eating they are about anything that your heart desires - business, relaxation, personal development, wellness or even craft and cooking



You Are The


of The Retreat World

By Joining Us On This Journey You Get:


The Retreat Specialist Manual and Online Course (Value $97 + $497)


  • The Why, When, Where and How of Retreats

  • Your story and how you can effortlessly talk about the Retreat so its story is intertwined with yours.

  • Your Ideal Client and where will you find them, and how to speak their language in your marketing.

  • Your Retreat Name and Promises and how to make them Creme Brulee rather than lumpy custard.

  • The importance of being organized and having everything in place to start and make it easy.

  • Budgeting so that you make sure you make the profit you desire and so you cover everything you need to.

  • Itineraries and how to plan these so they are balanced.

  • Differences between group and individual retreats and how to plan both.

  • Marketing and Launching and how to plan so you are prepared and get your numbers.

  • How to design a website that includes everything you need to.

  • Risk Management and what this means in a retreat setting.

  • Booking Everything - Internet vs Travel agents and how to do this without outlaying thousands.

  • Working with Co-facilitators how to do this with the least amount of stress.

  • Legalities and taxes how to cover yourself in every circumstance.

  • Insurance what this needs to cover so you are covered.

  • Booking People Into the Retreat and having a System that works.

  • What to do on the Retreat - how to manage personalities, conflicts, meltdowns, people having too much fun (is that really a thing) and manage it all so you are not running on empty.

  • How to hold space so that your clients grow in a safe place and do get to have those transformational moments.

  • How to keep track of everything while you are on the Retreat.

  • What to do when you get home....and everything else in between.


 Link Online Course HERE and Retreat Specialist Manual HERE 


The Retreat Specialist Legal Documents ($220)


  • Our Registration and Legal Documents Pack


Website Assessment and Copy ($320)


  • Let's go through your website and see if there are any changes needed so it speaks to your clients.


1:1 Consult and Support Calls ($1200)

  • 1 x 60 minute call prior to the start of the program so you can get started

  • 2 x 60 minute calls during the program to work on your Retreat Development

  • 2 x 90 minute calls in the three months follow up and mentoring after the program

  • 1 x 60 minute pre retreat call

  • 1 x 60 minute retreat debrief when you get home


As a Group You Get ($800 plus) 


  • A Private Facebook Group

  • 4 Group Workshops that are over Zoom and recorded to cater for timezones and lifestyles

  • An option to attend a weekend Retreat workshop (depending on your location and numbers)

  • Modules that take you through the steps to upscale your retreats, hold the perfect space and draw in the clients that you want.

  • Weekly emails that will keep you informed, discovering and learning throughout the process 










$999 Early Bird  until May 10th is JUST $999


AFTER May 11th  $1499 


Remember there are only 20 places


Let chat and see if this is the right Retreat offering for you.

Email me (Liesel) at



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