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Take Others On A Journey That Can Change A Life

A Journey Into Lemuria and Atlantis

Delve Into the Realms 

Kauai, Hawaii  3th to 12th of  November, 2018

Have the worlds of Lemuria, Atlantis and even Avalon grabbed at something deep inside of you?

Does something spark in you when you see a photo or some written word?

When you hear someone saying they do not exist - but you know deep inside your soul that they did, and you can feel them stirring in the very core of your essence.


If you know the answer is yes

Then here is your invitation from these Lost Lands to you.

Because it is time - time to Delve into the Realms of Lemuria and Atlantis and reawaken that what lays deep inside of you.


This will be a  mystical adventure, a spiritual journey and a voyage to your home beyond space and time.



What does a Journey of Initiation look like? This gives you a glance but we won't tell you everything because then there would be no surprises along the way.....But do know we will weave the essence of Lemuria, Atlanta and a touch of Avalon through all that we do...


Over 9 nights we will explore, reconnect and dive into what it means to reconnect with The Lost Lands and explore the life you lived there.


You can arrive in Kauai on the 2nd of November or before lunchtime on the 3rd. We will pick you up at the airport and bring you back to settle into our home for the next nine nights.


Kauai is described as an island full of splendor raw beauty and culture, a place that represents the true spirit of Aloha. It is dubbed the 'Garden Isle' and this is apparent as soon as you arrive as it is the lushest of the Hawaiian Islands. You will also notice that there are roosters everywhere - even in the car park at the airport.


It is here we will begin our journey of laughter, transformation, and ancient connection. After we settle in we will head to Dolphin Touch Wellness Centre and meet Jeanne Russel and Dawn Divinste who will be our magical connection to the island. Here we will have a sound bath healing and also a welcome ceremony and  fire dancer come and indulge us in his art. This is a private showing of this tradition that came from the Maori culture and travelled to the Hawaiian islands as cultures joined in friendship. It is on this first evening that we delve straight into Lemuria and Atlantis and learn some of the history and time line that runs through both of these ancient lands.


During our time there we will visit the Hindu Monastery, and the power of the Sacred Rudrahska Forest, here we will understand that there are countless legends about the Rudrahska. One of these is about the God Siva who looked down upon the earth and wept a single tear. The tear fell down from his cheek and upon hitting the ground created the first tree, the beads from these trees give protection and remind us about compassion. It is also folklore that fairies live there - giving it a magical feel. When we picnic here we may be lucky enough to see them and feel their energy around us.


Our first full day will see us in the water and heading to the North Shore where we have something extra special organised - keywords would be - whales, kayaking and singing.


We will learn about the beauty and the power of the Andarian Crystals and Jeanne will guide us in how to use them.


Liesel will guide you through the process of how to move past those blocks and accept and process your shadow self so that you can fully step into your power of what you are learning about your life.  Antoinette will take you through some ceremonies that will support full integration when you return home.


We also get to explore some of the South Shore of the island and learn about Hooponopono which is all about forgiveness and releasing. We will also walk on the ground where we will channel the Lemurian Council and connect with Dragon Energy and Breath along with the Land of Castles.


A day at the beach will find us receiving a in the water Aqua Dolphin Touch Energetics experience, here you will receive gentle movements to open your meridians and allow the energy to flow freely through the body. You are moved through the water releasing, cleansing, and clearing as you go. Dolphins hold the energy for love and light and the energy of the water is changed when they are there, an experience that can not be described by words.



The most powerful day of our Retreat is left to last, we travel high into the hills towards the Waimea Canyon a place of beauty and Lemurian remembering, but only after a Water Purification Ceremony on the volcanic red dirt. Then we travel to the end of the road of Kauai to a cliff that is part of the NaPali coastline to join our Sacred Sister Circle on our final night on the island.


There are some very special, and very sacred journeys planned while we are here so some things will be kept a secret but you can see by this that our journey into the lost lands will be all-encompassing and will take you by surprise.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to connect with Lemuria and Atlantis and discover what that means for you?


To delve into past memories and lives so as to get a clearer understanding of you and who you are now?


  And so begins this Journey of Initiation - a journey where you will reconnect with self and the world around you.

A journey where you will come home changed.


You will develop a connection to Mother Earth, Lost Lands and all that they have to offer, as well as connecting to your soul and the path you are meant to be walking.


You will find a deep connection with the other women on this spiritual path, this, in turn, allows you to come home feeling empowered, have an understanding of your spiritual journey, along with having a fresh alignment with mind body & soul.


You will feel your connection to ancient lands through ceremony and teachings.


You will learn about how to intertwine these awakenings with your everyday life back home and how to integrate with ease and grace


You will come home with renewed sense of purpose.



Within this, you will:

Have sung to whales and cleared your Akasha Records

Have swum and partaken in ceremony in waters energised by dolphins

Been part of processes that will talk to your soul and illuminate who you are while connecting you with Lemuria and Atlantan lives

Taken part in a Water Purification Ceremony

Delved into your shadow self and moved through them so they no longer interfere with day to day moments 

and so much more!



Our Accommodation

*to be confirmed on confirmation of numbers*


In Kauai we will stay at Pono Kai Apartments, located in Kaapa.


There are choices of a single or twin share room. Single supplement is applicable.


We are only a few minutes walk from Dolphin Touch Wellness Centre, beautiful restaurants, beaches
and shopping.


Pono Kai gives you all the amenities of a resort

Our Cuisine


Hawaiian food is varied and we will get to taste many dishes on our journey. 

When asking locals on what we should eat their first response was make sure you go to a luau and eat as much as you can and to also have shaved ice.


Every taste is catered for here - it is a state of the USA after all - so it is for the adventurous and the not so adventurous - the meat eater, vegetarian and vegan.


The Retreat Specialists are known for good food and visiting excellent restaurants so this retreat will be no different!

We have just returned from our Retreat run by Liesel Albrecht.

Words are not adequate to describe the amazing, incredible and wonderful experiences that we experienced as part of this retreat to Kauai and O’Ahu Islands in Hawaii.

Each day brought new experiences, shifts of awareness and energy. I can not believe how much we experienced in each day and the transformation that has occurred within each of us.

The two weeks felt like two months - exactly what you want on a holiday (as they usually pass too quickly most times). It was a truly unique and awesome holiday and the experiences will stay with me forever.

I am so grateful and feel blessed to have been able to enjoy this time in such a magical place with such beautiful women. This is not something you can experience on your own or with a partner - it was so completely unique and to connect with the more hidden treasures and local people was wonderful and I find more soulful. We did the shopping thing as well but it was certainly not the highlight and in great balance from my point of view.

Liesel did an absolutely amazing job oforganising all the details and taking care of us all. She is an incredibly adept leader, emotional supporter, wonderful chauffeur and chef and took care of us like family (which we are). I am in awe of her stamina, understanding and relaxed manner with which she handled all challenges one can face whilst in a foreign country on holiday, including lost property, slow car hire agencies and driving on the opposite side of the road with different road rules and conditions.
All there is left to say is ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you
‘. My heart has expanded infinitely through this journey.



Annabel Meyer

May, 2018

Traralgon, Victoria, Australia

Who Are Liesel and Antoinette?


Who is Liesel Albrecht - the Retreat Specialist?


I am a woman that is passionate about women walking the path

they are meant to walk. The one that sees them happy and content

with their lives and doing the things they want to be doing. I was a

social worker for 26 years until I became so burnt out I barely had any

emotions left and I knew something had to change - so I left the only

profession I had ever known and developed a business around something

I only ran in my holidays - Retreats. 


I had run Retreats in some form or another since I started organising

weekend camps for young women through  Guides Australia, youth

group events, conferences within my profession, group workshops,

leadership retreats and women's retreats to Bali. It was where my passion

lay and it would light me up to see women of all ages have that light

bulb moment where something falls into place in their minds and their

whole world changes. I love to travel so love going overseas and watching

women seeing places for the first time - there is nothing like walking

around a corner, and there is the Eifel Tower or somewhere that takes

your breath away.


I have just come back from a truly transformational retreat in Kauai that not

only changed the women's lives that came but also changed mine - it has

made me stronger, clearer and more determined on my set path. it has lit

a fire in me that has connected me to my true self and that self from Lemuria. 




Who is Antoinette Nicholls - Intuitive Coach and Healer.


I am an Intuitive & Strategic Life & Business coach who works with amazing

women to empower them to live life on the terms and unleash the goddess

that they truly are in every area of their life.


I have studied, learned and grown from many modalities, skills & gifts that

I bring when working with my clients.  Some of those include being an

Intuitive Reader, Reiki Master, Pranic & Crystal Healer, Meditation Teacher,

Holistic Counselling, Emotional Intelligence Cert and even a Feng Shui

Certificate as well as other things.  I will bring to the group and 1:1 sessions

what is needed at that moment in time and for that person.  I am very

passionate that we are here to live an amazing life, we each have a purpose

& when we are empowered & fully aligned we are energised which means

that we light up & shine when we show up in the world.


I am originally from London, UK and we moved to Australia over 11 years ago

and I have 4 beautiful children who are my world and make up a big part of

my reason why I do what I do with my business.


I realise that it is so important to have a work-life balance because without

balance I cannot do anything well and that includes my most important job

of being a mum.  To do this, there needs to be balance, yes I work hard but

I balance it out with self-care, family time, time with friends and time to reflect

and grow.  It has been a great learning curve for me finding out how all these

areas fit together and flow in perfect harmony but as you can imagine sometimes

with all this going on and 4 children, it can get overwhelming and that is when I

stop, sit and reflect and it all comes back into balance.

Now each and every day I make sure that every area of that wheel of life is 

looked at and I try to teach my children (when they listen lol) to do the same. xx


Our beautiful mentors and guides in Kauai will be Jeanne Russell and Dawn Diviniste. Dolphin Touch Wellness Centre is Jeanne's wonderful centre. It is filled with love, light and products to support you on your spiritual path, they also offer a range of healing modalities.



Take a look at their site - HERE and follow them on Facebook HERE


Our recent experience with Dolphin Touch and the care that Jeanne, Dawn and other members of her team took of us was outstanding. Jeanne and I (Liesel) had been connected on social media for about three years and I am so pleased that I took the plunge and headed to Hawaii with some wonderful women I can't wait to see where this relation goes and how we gnite the bridge between lands.



Sometimes it is hard to make the decision to do something for yourself...........especially when you are used to looking after others or putting commitments first - so here is all the 'other' information for you to ponder on.


Who will be coming?

This retreat is designed especially for women who are called to learn about The Lost Worlds, while delving into their own spirituality. We envisage they would be 30 plus and be able to focus on the retreat while they are there. We understand that home life can be distracting and will support you to work through roadblocks of attending.


Will I be safe?

We will take all safety precautions that we can. In each location that we are in (for all Retreats and Tours) we have a list of local hospitals, doctors, and Embassies. We take note of any travel warnings and do our best not to put you in the way of any danger. In Kauai we are connected with locals who have a strong knowledge of the community.


How do I get to Hawaii?

You will fly to O'Ahu and from there you will fly to Kauai. We recommend that you arrive the day before the Retreat starts so you are refreshed with a good nights sleep after a day of travelling. Flights from Australia with Jetstar arrive about 6 am, so you can arrive the day that it all starts in Kauai. Aim to get a flight to Kauai that arrives by 12 as we start mid afternoon. You will leave Kauai on the 12th or you can choose to stay a few extra days there or in Oahu - we can help you organise this if needed.

Do I need to share a room?

NOpe, at this point everyone has their own single room with either a queens size or king size bed - luxurious - not kids, no pets and no other halves hogging your space!


What if I don't want to do something?

We would never make anyone do anything - if you don't want to come sightseeing or come out then we can work out an alternative plan for you as we recognize that you might want some more rest. We do strongly encourage participation in the activities and workshops so as you get maximum, life-changing opportunities and experiences.


What will we eat?

Because this is the USA we will have a variety of food options just like there is here. So we will find something that you like. We van also cater for preferences such as vegetarian and vegan.


I'm Worried as I have a Food Allergy?

That is fair enough - we would be too. You will need to bring any medication with you and brief us on use and dosage before departure so we can get any training that we need. As we are in an English speaking country it makes it easier to communicate this with restaurant and hospitality staff.


I have never travelled without family or friends?

The best things about Retreats are meeting new people - often women come alone and go home with life long friends. But, yes, it is a bit stressful coming on something where you worry you won't know anyone.

Before the Retreat you will be connected through a Facebook group and we will have an online meetup. We can even try to arrange travel to and from O'Ahu with someone else that is coming if you would like that.


What Will the Weather Be?

Weather will be in the mid 20's. So perfect for sight seeing.


Can I Pay In Installments?

Yes, we will discuss with you all the options. There is a $500 deposit to secure your place and all payments need to have been completed by the 1st October 2018.


We are happy to answer any questions you have - please email Liesel and Antoinette HERE and we can set up a time to chat - or call Liesel on 0488 444 162 OR Antoinette on 0466 484 513



What's Included


Before The Journey

  • You will be part of a Private Facebook Group where you can go to ask any questions and gain valuable information. This is a private and hidden group so only those joining us will have access. If you are not on facebook we will get the information to you as well.

  • Jeanne and Dawn will be part of this group so that you can get to know them, they will share information relevant to the retreat.

  • There will be a live online meet up where you will get a full group briefing and get to meet everyone before we go.

  • You will receive emails with all the information that you need to make coming to this Retreat a breeze.

  • All the details of the retreat and everything you need to know will be on YouLi a Retreat planning website.



During the Journey

  • Nine nights accommodation at Pono Kai Apartments and as our added bonus you will all have your own room, no sharing with the kids, partners or animals while you are on retreat.

  • Airpot transfers to and from Kauai Airport 

  • All listed Meals - 9 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 7 dinners- these will be both at our amazing accommodation and at surrounding restaurants  

  • Luxurious Welcome Gifts - something the Retreat Specialists are known for

  • A Welcome Ceremony with Fire Dances and our first Hawaiian dinner at the Dolphin Touch Wellness Centre

  • Workshops that will take you on a journey of discovering the lost worlds of Lemuria, Atlantis and a touch of Avalon

  • A night of stargazing and meditation on the beach

  • An Aqua Touch Dolphin Healing Session

  • A day trip to the only Hawaiian Hindu Monastery and a visit to the Rudraksha Forest

  • A very special whale experience

  • Lemurian meditation connecting/remembering your lifetime in Lemuria with crystal bowl and sound healing under the rainbow eucalyptus trees. 

  • A visit to the Waimea Grand Canyon

  • Two Lemurian and one Atlantis Activation session

  • Water Purification Ceremony on the red volcano dirt

  • Circle Ceremonies

  • 1:1 Sessions with both Antoinette and Liesel that will support your journey of discovery

  • Yoga and meditation

  • A workshop on getting rid of your shadow self

  • Sound Bath with crystal bowls

  • Lemurian Council Channeling 

  • Discovering Atlantis and Lemuria through a 1:1 regression

  • Visit the 22 Temples of Mu (Mother Earth)

  • Time each day for sharing as well as some free time to integrate.

  • Time for shopping and exploring

  • Optional massages and treatments at Dolphin Touch


There are some activities that are scheduled that are not listed here as by telling you what they would spoil the surprise.


After The Journey

  • The Facebook group will continue to stay open so as to support each other through the integration back home

  • Two online meetup calls to check in how everyone is doing

  • 1:1 call with Liesel or Antoinette to follow up on your retreat experience


What Is Not Included

  • Return Airfares to and from Kauai (Jetstar and Hawaiian Airlines are both reasonably priced) 

  • Your USA Visa ($25 ADU) you apply for hthis online, once registered you will recieve all of the details

  • Fully Comprehensive International Travel Insurance

  • Passports (must have a 9-month validity on them from day of entry)

  • Room mini bar and extra food.

  • Tips/gratitudes

  • Shopping and spending money

  • Taxi's and transport taken outside of the stated itinerary



Investment Package

This amazing package is

$4997 AUD / $3797 USD / €3297 Euro / £2897 GBP

After the 1st of October 2018 the price will rise to $5700AUD (and equivalent) 


Deposit to secure your place: 

$500 AUD / $400 USD / €330 Euro / £300 GBP

All payments need to be finalised by the 1st of October, 2018

On receiving your deposit and appropriate paperwork we will design a payment plan that suits you.







Cancellation Policy

The $500 AUD / $400 USD / €330 Euro / £300 GBP deposit is non-refundable.


100% refund less deposit  and *expenses already paid by 1st July, 2018

75% refund less deposit and *expenses already paid by 1st August, 2018

50% refund less deposit and *expenses already paid by 1st October, 2018



Please note

  • We advise that you consider purchasing travel insurance for this retreat when you pay your deposit as this can cover you for a number of events including illness and some cancellations (please read the disclaimers carefully) Please note though travel insurance does not cover you for simply changing your mind.

  • Do not book any air travel until we can confirm that we have met minimum numbers as we will not be responsible for refunding these in the event of the retreat not going ahead

  • If you would like to transfer your place to someone else after registration it will incur a $100 admin fee

  • *Expenses paid include accommodation, admin fees, travel and booking of services.


*Please do not book flights until we confirm that minimum numbers are met, we will not refund you for these in the unlikely event the retreat does not go ahead.*

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