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(or a Retreatpreneur whichever you prefer)

Become a Retreat Specialist

Let's be honest - organising a retreat is a HUGE undertaking, it takes time, planning and dedication. Many entrepreneurs and business owners say to me - 'it takes all my time and energy and I don't feel like I can do anything else in my business'.
It SHOULD NOT be that way - EVER!!!
After 28 years of running events and retreats, I have developed a strategic plan that gives you the steps and the support to incorporate retreats into your business all with ease and grace and without the overwhelm.
It used to be that you could organise your offering, tell people, and they would come, marketing was not hard, BUT NOW - with so many retreats and all of the noise around them there is so much to think about.
If you haven't Googled retreats lately take ten minutes out of your day and you will see that the list is endless - everywhere, every type and every configuration you can think of.
Wellness, health, boutique, business, families, art, and food - the list is endless - how will people see yours above the rest of the RETREAT NOISE?
The Retreat Specialists, monthly program that includes everything
you need to know to make your retreat a profitable success
is here just for you.

The Ultimate VIP Retreat Mastery

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I have 28 years of experience in the retreat arena and I want to share my knowledge with you like never before - for me this is personal, not just another program
Learn more about me HERE
Starting May 1st, 2020
Together let's create amazing experiences that stand out from the rest!!!!!
Make them creme brulee rather than lumpy custard
You will receive:
A workshop call each month to discuss the ins and outs of retreat planning - this won't be just a talkfest you will actually get 'stuff' done
A private facebook group with a ton of interaction and information there just for you
Facebook lives each week along with Q&A Hot Seat Sessions
1:1 retreat website assessments and development support
Learn all of the steps to Retreat Success and have easy access to all the information
6 x 45 minute 1:1 calls with Liesel throughout a 12 month period
The potential to make a profit of $10,000 plus, plus per international retreat
Developing the best upsell for your business - because your guests will want to spend time with you - and where you will make more profit from
Access to weekend workshops and five-day Masterclasses
Discounted access, and first place offerings to Retreat discovery tours in LA, Thailand and Europe -  we visit hotels, restaurants and tourist sites with retreat planning eyes
A well-developed marketing plan that lays everything out, step-by-step to make it easily implementable and not land you in overwhelm and stressing about numbers
This Ultimate VIP Retreat Mastery Program will allow you the space, and the time to develop into a fabulous Retreatpreneur. You will cement the skills into your repertoire to incorporate these offerings into your business, which in turn increases income, supports your clients in a totally different way, gives you travel opportunities and exposes you up to a brand new network of business owners and ideal clients along the way.
Still not 100% convinced?
DO you want
A foolproof plan to fill your retreat?
Not feeling the overwhelm with your planning
Knowing how to set up registration systems and a budget so you don't loose money
Access to amazing venues around the world at below rack prices - check out the Belmond Brand, The Reef House Palm Cove or Anantara Phuket
Have an ascension model and marketing plan that works for you
It's all falling into place now isn't it? You are in the perfect place at the perfect time ready to do what you are here to do in a big way!
Next step - book a time with Liesel to see if its a right fit for you
                                 Enquries HERE
Some of the finer details​:
The VIP Mastery Program is designed as a 12-month program - commitment is for 6 months minimum totalling a cost of -  $39 x 6 months = $234 AUD.
12 months  totalling a cost of -  $39 x 12 = $468 AUD 
All materials accessed during the VIP program are for your personal use only - sharing of this material will incur a $10,000 AUD charge.
It's a no brainer if you ask me!!!!!!
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