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VIP Program

Take Others On A Journey That Can Change A Life


How would you like to collaborate with us to put your retreats out into the
wider world?
Do you want to run a retreat that is transformational and makes you the profit you deserve - do you want to get it right the first time?
If the answer is yes
Then This 12 Month VIP Collaboration Package is Perfect for You
  • You will have support throughout your planning, launching, marketing and retreat
  • You will walk away with a profit you deserve from the retreat
  • You will be supported in
    designing an upsell so you can potentially walk away with a 6 figure profit after the retreat
  • We can mentor and support you with whatever it is that you need
We truly believe that Retreats Change Lives - it does not matter if it is a business, spiritual or any other sort of retreat - done right, where space is held with beauty and grace, what your participants can experience is indescribable.
Those that come to you and your retreats are meant to be there, they come because of what you are offering and how they believe it can support them and develop their knowledge.
This is what the VIP Collaboration Package is all about - holding the space for you so that you can give these experiences to others.

Running a Retreat takes a lot of time and planning, all those things we are experts at - wouldn't you love to take the hassle out of your organising?


At The Retreat Specialists, we do just that, we support Retreat Facilitators just like you to run their retreats in a way that they feel comfortable and, in turn, gets the results they want - especially the filling numbers and making a profit part.


In 2018 we have decided to open up The Retreat Specialist booking schedule to work collaboratively with you to make your journey stand out in the sometimes crowded retreat market.


What this means is we work alongside you to develop your retreat, and then support you in the launch and marketing process, as well as using our avenues of marketing and showing off what you have to a wider community.




Your Investment Brings


  • Continued support with all the logistics of your Retreat – this includes the why, how, when, where of your Retreat along with the retreat name, theme, promises budgeting, booking, program planning and having your systems in place - value $3997


  • You will have complete access to our brand new Retreat Collective Courses - value $397 plus


  • Together we work out a detailed marketing plan – including being interviewed for On the Couch – Retreat TV and a Facebook live or two - value $540


  • You will get an ongoing listing on the Retreat Collective and highlighted in some of the weekly newsletters sent out to The Retreat Collective List -  12 months listing $180


  • You will get special access to all of The Retreat Specialists Registration and Legal Paperwork - value $500


  • We will support you to make sure your Retreat Website is outstanding so it looks, sounds and feels exceptional to those that see it - value $697


  • You will get a maximum of 5 x 1:1 - 90-minute consults before launching your Retreat. When launched and before departure 4 x 1:1 - 60 minutes consults, plus ongoing Facebook and email mentoring so that you feel fully in control of your Retreat but have the confidence that you are being supported by The Retreat Specialists - value $1500


  • We will be there for when you are on Retreat and need anything at all!


  • When you are back home we will do a Retreat analysis with you and debrief - value $197


You can choose to purchase this 12+ month program in one of two ways


1.  A payment of $3700 (can be broken down over three months) - this means there is no commision paid when you run your retreat - the PROFIT is all yours!


2. Pay the $497 sign up admin fee and then the commision is worked into your retreats.
























Workshops - In the instance that you are running workshops as part of this program the fee will be $15 per person for each $100 charged for workshop.



Pricing Schedule - International Retreats - National Retreats (TBA)

*All pricing is in Australian Dollars*


By collaborating with The Retreat Specialists you get to work alongside international experts in Retreat planning and location knowledge, 


The only outlay from you is a $497AUD administration fee.

Then we work a fee per participant into the budget you can see below that this is $150 per person PER $1000 of the Retreat cost.


 If this interests you then let's schedule a time to see if we are a great fit or if we can support you in some other way to make your Retreat Dreams a Reality.
Click on this link - and let's get the wheels in motion

* The administration fee of $497 is payable on sign up after a 1:1 consult to discuss how we can collaborate

** The Per Participant Fee is not payable upfront - payable 30 days before the Retreat starting date.

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