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Take Others On A Journey That Can Change A Life

2020 dates coming soon!!!


What if you could walk away from these Masterclass's with all the skills to run retreats, make a profit, and have an upsell that could potentially have you walk away with potentially a

6 figure profit.

All without cold calling or feeling like you are hustling to fill places.


How awesome would that feel?



Our Retreat Masterclass is broken down into manageable parts that will see your


Retreats organized



Filled to capacity



Unbelievable profit made



How would it be if you got your Retreat right the first time?


Where you make the profit you deserve and feel like you have marketed like the expert

that you are.


I have been running Retreats, Summits, Journey's and Tours for over 26 years and I have seen great retreats and really, really bad ones. The great ones have been well planned, strategically marketed and targeted at the ideal client. 


I work to a feminine business model so there is no loud, fake sales pitches from me - what you see is what you get and I will give you my all - there is no holding back of knowledge in the hope of an upsale I want you to walk away from this training knowing exactly what you are doing.


I am the number one Retreat Specialist in Australia and have consulted to experts in Australia, the USA, the Arab Emirates, South Africa, the UK and Europe. They are all knowledgeable in their fields and want to know how to market and fill their retreats with ease.

I have run Retreat Masterclasses in Australia, United Kingdom, Graz and USA



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