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Join us for the next, in person, Retreat Masterclass where you will learn all you need to know to plan, run and market your retreat to capacity.

Click HERE to view the downloadable PDF

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If you’re toying with the idea of attending the Retreat Masterclass - do it! Liesel Albrecht really is the Retreat Specialist, and a person who genuinely encourages you all the way to bring your retreat dreams to life. The Retreat Masterclass is exciting on so many levels, and meeting Masterclassmates that share your passion and cheer you on is a beautiful bonus.

Victoria - Sydney

Upon meeting Liesel through social media connections and seeing her passion in everything retreats I knew I needed to be at the masterclass in Melbourne in November 2019. I have always loved sharing experiences and adventure with people and seeing and experiencing all the knowledge of what this retreat masterclass delivered I have absolutely no regrets. My life has evolved to living out my dream of being part of and running retreats while always being supported by the beautiful heart that Liesel offers. With depth , connection and all things retreats. You could not make the wrong decision by participating in such a masterclass and embracing the friendships connections and opportunities that can come from it. So blessed and always grateful xx

Sara - Gold Coast

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