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Dear Retreat Dreamers

You are the ones that have something amazing to share with the universe, you raise your voices so others can have the courage to use theirs. You are all about being alive and soaking in the energy of what you are teaching, you are the heroine adventurers who see self-love as the primary outcome in life. An inspired believer who knows that anything is possible when you believe in inspiration. You are the change-makers of this time and,  you are doing what you are here to do through conversations and connections every moment of your day. 

Whether you’re in business, education, a creator, healer, or performer ‐ as a visionary in this modern world. I have no doubt that you are multi‐tasking, supporting your family, friends, career, relationships… perhaps even creating a movement or being of service in other ways ~ because let’s face it, you care. This is why, you are why, Retreat School has been floating around the ethos, waiting for the perfect time to come in, and during this time of isolation and distancing it said that this is the right time, so that you are all ready when retreats will come to the forefront of peoples minds.

Retreat School is a framework that will change the way you organise and run your retreats - it doesn't matter if you have been running them for years, or this is something new for you - it is the way for Retreatpreneurs to simplify everything so you get it right,  this is the place where you can learn all that you need to know to run your own profitable and transformational retreat.

Retreat School - The Kit.png

The Kit

If learning solo is your thing then Retreat School - The Kit is the right thing for you.

Click out all the details HERE to view the downloadable PDF

Copy of Retreat School - The Community (

The Community

If learning in a group is your thing then Retreat School - The Community is the right thing for you.

Next round is from August 2021 - January 2022.

Click HERE for the downloadable PDF

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The Retreat Specialists (7).png
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