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The Retreat Hustle

I have been marketing retreats for about 20 years, my first one which I called a forum (cause retreats where hippie yoga stuff back then) but in its purity was what I, and many others promote as retreats today. So I have come to know this Retreat Hustle that goes on each day on social media and classes of different descriptions around the world.

The Retreat Hustle is just that - being everywhere and telling everyone about your retreat - to get the ultimate sign up and reach that magic number in the sky. BUT people it does not need to be that way if you have a marketing plan. and if you are totally doing what you are meant to be doing it should not be hard, or difficult, stressful or ovewhelming.

The first thing you need to do is BE KNOWN, have a following - if people dont know who you are then you will have to hustle - BIG TIME.

BE GENUINE hold space for people, work with a feminine mindset rather than a masculine. I don't ever, ever cold call it is not my thing and people dont want to commit because they are backed into a corner. If you do then that's ok but for me it is not even an option. Sometimes they run and then sometimes the crawl and then take 3 steps back but which ever pace they go it is about their journey with you.

Finally you will learn through this process you might love it and come home glowing or you might hate it and come home stressed and tired, which ever way you will learn.

Runing retreats sucks you in like a vortex, check in with yourself during the retreat how are you feeling and how are you responding, but that is a whole diffferent discussion for next time.


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